Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Blessed Child of God

I have been having the best week. On Sunday, we met my parents and my sister's family to celebrate my birthday. My parents gave me new tires for my car. They are so awesome. On Monday, Jason had to take my car to the shop to get new brakes. While it was a huge, unprepared for expense, it is okay. We will be able to pay for them in no time thanks to Jason's great job. Jason also got us season tickets to the Cobb Symphony yesterday. (mentioned below) We went to an awesome small group last night with people who are similar to us. It was wonderful. Today, I finished testing early and went to pick up some supplies at one of the other schools and was able to leave about 30 minutes early. When I got home I had a letter from the Georgia Student Finance Commission. I had applied for a scholarship in the fall and did not receive it. This new letter awarded me the scholarship for last semester and this semester. It basically pays for most of my tuition. While this has already been paid, I shouldn't have to take out any more student loans to finish my masters. My book for my class tomorrow also arrived this afternoon, so I was able to do my homework. All in all a decent week and..... I have tomorrow off! I am celebrating my birthday with a day off work.

Now to find something to feed my belly for dinner.

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