Friday, June 10, 2011

June 2011 Ten on Ten plus one

Today I participated in Ten on Ten from A Bit of Sunshine. I took a picture an hour for ten hours. It was nice to take pictures just to take pictures, and I ended up with a neat snapshot of my day.
8 Good Morning Sunshine
9 Freshly Made Bed
10 Nap Time
11 Sunning
12 Lunch
1 At Play
2 Project3 Present
4 Hands on the Wheel
5 Party Time
*bonus: 6 Party Girl

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A Winner of a Dinner

One thing I struggle with nearly every day is what to feed Mr. C. He will pretty much eat anything, so that isn't the problem. The problem is that I want to give him things that are good for him, but that are also easy for a baby with barely one tooth to eat. I have found a few websites that help me out a lot in this area, but I also like for him to eat what we're eating. It saves a lot of time to not have to make two meals.

Last night, from our e-mealz menu, we had chicken pitas. Well, I cut up the chicken, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese and pita bread and made a very pretty plate for Coleman. (Please excuse the quality of these pictures. Sometimes I am just too lazy to use the good camera)

I also struggle with knowing how much to feed him. Food is something I have gotten no help on from the pediatrician. I thought they would at least give some guidelines, but mine hasn't at all.

Anyway, I just have to say, that this meal was a total success. All of us were part of the clean plate club last night.
I want Coleman to be a healthy eater but I don't want him to be that kid who never gets treats. I guess I am still trying to find a balance as well as figure out what constitutes good meals for a one year old. Any suggestions?

Here are a few websites that have helped me figure out what to feed Mr. C and when:
Wholesome Baby Food: This website has handy printable charts for what foods should be offered when. I tried to offer most of the foods on the chart, but sometimes it had stuff that we never really eat, so I didn't do everything.
The Homemade Babyfood Recipes Blog: This has some fun and easy recipes that are tasty not only for babies, but for adults too.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trip to New Orleans

This past week we went to New Orleans. I thought I would share some reviews on our trip.

We took the train from Atlanta to New Orleans. It took about 12 hours to get there. It takes less time to drive there, but we figured with all the stops we would need to take for Coleman and the cost of gas, we would come out pretty even. We reserved a roomette for our trip. It was a little room with two chairs that faced each other. The two chairs became a bed and you could lower another bed from the ceiling. All of our meals were included while we were on the train as well. On the way there, Coleman had trouble sleeping for any length of time. I think the most was an hour or so. This made for a cranky baby. On the way home, we figured out how to lay down the seats, so he took much better and longer naps.

Leaving AtlantaSleeping on the train

Pontchartrain Landing
We rented the cottage at Pontchartrain Landing and shared it with my sister's family. It had two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen/living room. The downside was that Jason, Coleman, and I had to share a room. We brought a queen size air mattress for Coleman to sleep on since we wanted something easy to pack and set up. It worked fairly well, but I don't think any of us slept very well the whole time we were gone. The campground was fairly nice. It had a nice pool and good washers and dryers.
First time swimming

It seemed like most of the time we were there we were eating at different places. Here are some of the places we went:
Tujagues The rehearsal dinner was here. It is located in the French Quarter and is one of the oldest restaurants in NO.
Reginelli's Really yummy pizza.
Central Grocery Tasty muffalettas. They are located in the French Quarter really close to Tujagues. There isn't a whole lot of space to eat, but I think it was worth the wait in line.
Johnny's Po-Boys We shared a shrimp po boy. It was quite tasty.
Gumbo Shop I think this was probably our favorite place. It served Creole food and a really good praline sundae.
Cafe du Monde A trip to NO isn't complete without a trip to Cafe du Monde for beignets. Definitely a place to stop.
Plum Street Snoball This was a short stop for us because it was raining. Apparently snoballs are a pretty big NO treat. This was the place my friend recommended. Snoballs are kind of like sno-cones, but the ice is very fine. We got the almond flavor, but they have a ton of different kinds.

Beignets from Cafe du Monde

Almond Snoball from Plum Street Snoball

Traveling with a baby
We had no idea how this trip would go. We knew that we would get Coleman totally off of his regular schedule and routine. For the most part, he did very well. He definitely didn't get the sleep that he is used to, but with a wedding to attend and everything, we didn't have much choice. We definitely couldn't do a lot of what we would have probably done had we not had Coleman with us. We had to work around nap times and everything. Coleman is really a trooper though and, for the most part, did really well. He likes to see new things and new people and he did a lot of that on this trip. We didn't bring a stroller with us because I don't really like having to push it around places. It just seems more difficult. Most of the time I carried Coleman on my back in our BabyHawk. While it wasn't always the cool option, it was nice to be able to move through crowds and go in places without having a huge stroller to push around. All in all, I think we had a good trip. I don't think we will choose New Orleans again anytime soon, because it wasn't necessarily baby friendly, but I am glad that we got to go for a few days.