Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, New Changes

There are a few new changes happening in our little family this year. It has kind of been an interesting start to a year. I'll start with the smallest one, but one I'm not sure I was really ready for.

Change number 1: Last week, Jason canceled our satellite tv. We currently have so much hooked up to our tv that we do not lack for entertainment. We were basically keeping the satellite because I wouldn't call an cancel. Well, they told Jason that we were paid up until the 25th of this month. That gave me a little time to adjust to not having the tv. When I came home for lunch today, I sat down with my Lean Cuisine to watch a recoded episode of J&L plus 8. For some reason, the satellite would not connect. Oh, no!! They have already disconnected our service! I didn't realize yesterday when I was cooking I was watching my last Gilmore Girls re-run on regular tv. Now I have to do some sort of computer voodoo to make it work. Things are oddly silent right now. I am going to have to make sure there is something I want to watch on our Netflixs queue or I will be out of luck.

Change number 2: Jason registered for art classes at North Metro today. He will be taking a Photoshop class two nights a week starting Thursday. I am really proud of him, but it means that 3 nights a week we will be spending in classes. I guess I need to start buying packable food and snacks, because it looks like we won't be eating dinner at home for awhile.

Change number 3: I'm going to call it my two degree shift (this is reference to the sermon at West Ridge on Sunday). Jason gave me a bike rack for my Xterra for Christmas. I realize that I live only a few feet from the Silver Comet Trail, but a big barrier to me riding Jason's old bike was all that it took to get to the trail. By the time I rode my bike through the neighborhood and off-roaded to the trail, I didn't want to ride. Anyway, Saturday was our first chance to ride on the trail after getting the bike rack. We rode 6 miles. The two degree shift I want to make is to ride at least twice a week. I would have ridden yesterday or today, but Jason and I have had some miscommunications about which car to drive and I have not had the car with the bike rack until it was too dark to ride. Tomorrow though, I am riding my bike!

Other updates: I am beginning my second to last semester of my Master's next week. By golly, I am so ready to be finished. Last semester almost did me in. Between work, my practicum students, and my own schoolwork, I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I am hoping that won't happen again this semester. We will see. Luckily we have more breaks this semester than we did in the fall. That will help.

I think that is all of the changes that are going on in our lives right now. I'm sure there will be more. This is only the sixth day of January (Happy Birthday Beth!!!)

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