Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I stayed up way too late on a school night.

Written on Tuesday.

Yesterday, I made the crazy decision to go see Pioneer Woman in Buckhead and get her to sign my cookbook. Every other book signing I have ever been to has not taken that long, so I didn't expect this one to be any different. I mean, not that many people in Atlanta could read the same blog? Right?


We got there at 6:00, which was the earliest that we could have gotten there and were given green wristbands. Little did I know, these were not the first color that were being called. They had given out orange wristbands hours beforehand. Some people had even gotten there that morning to procure their bands. Who knew? I sure had no idea.

We got upstairs and then we saw the crowd. At this point, I probably should have turned around, but for some reason I still thought that it wouldn't take too long. After standing around for a little while we found an empty chair. That is where we hung out until about 10:00 when green c was called. After all that time we finally got to get in line. Around 10:30, we finally reached the front of the line and got to meet Ree. She was really very nice. It was kind of hard for me to believe this because by then, I was not feeling so nice. My pregnant self usually goes to bed around 9:00 and sometimes sooner.

Overall, I am glad I went. I think it is kind of neat to have a signed cookbook. I probably won't do something like that again though, because it was a bit too much for me.

Here are some pictures:

Jason was a trooper. He stuck by his crazy pregnant wife and was one of only a handful of guys that were there.All the books we lugged around all night to get signed.

This is Jason showing me how excited he is.
My green wristband.

This is me, way past my bedtime, waiting in line.
Look! We made it. Here we are talking about how I am pregnant, but she didn't want to ask because she didn't want to be wrong.

The final shot with all my signed books.

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  1. I am so jealous!! I love the PW blogs. I asked for her cookbook for Christmas from my in-laws, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :) I'm so glad you were able to go!