Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Decade in Review

I saw this on a blog and I thought it would be interesting.

Jason and I started dating less than a month before the start of the decade, so technically we have been together for 10 years now.

2000: I finished up my junior year of high school and began my senior year. I went to Malawi on a missions trip over summer break.

2001: I went to Paris, France on a missions trip with the seniors at my church and to New York with Model UN at school. I graduated from North Cobb and started Berry College.

2002: I continued at Berry. I worked for a professor in the education department. That summer I stayed in Rome and worked at Berry. I traveled to Canada with my family over summer break.

2003: Still at Berry and still working for the same professor. I began junior block and had my first teaching experience.

2004: My family went on our last big vacation together. We took a Caribbean cruise and traveled to Puerto Rico, Dominica, St. John, and Aruba. Began my student teaching that fall in Rome. I lived with two roommates in a house off campus. Jason proposed on December 19.

2005: I finished my student teaching, finished my portfolio, looked for a teaching job, graduated from Berry, got a teaching job, and married Jason all before June. We moved into an apartment in Kennesaw and I started work as an ESOL teacher.

2006: We moved to Carrollton and lived on a farm in what could be considered a barn (there were tractors inside it, just not in the attached apartment). While it was nice to have cheap rent it was a pain to live so far away from family and friends and my job, so we began our long search for a home of our own.

2007: We bought our first house and moved to Dallas! We also got a second dog (Chloe).

2008: I began working on my masters in early childhood education and I could be found driving almost an hour twice a week to take classes at Berry.

2009: We got pregnant and I had a miscarriage (not a fun thing to remember, but a huge part of my life for the year). Jason got a wonderful, miraculous job. I finished my masters and got a pay raise. I got pregnant again. God told us that this one would stick through a pastor friend. We got to see our little one moving around and we heard its heart beat. I walked in my graduation from Berry for my masters degree and got my hood.

That is just a brief synopsis of the past decade. I couldn't remember everything, nor does anyone really want to read everything. A couple interesting things to ponder. I graduated 3 times in the past decade, so somewhere around my house are three separate sets of graduation robes and there should be 3 diplomas, but I'm not sure my high school one ever made it to my house. I also lived in 4 different cities in Georgia. Not too strange for some, but I didn't move at all in the decade prior to this one.

That is all for now. Tune in next week for some super exciting news.

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  1. what a decade, huh? This made me really think about my past years! You've lived in 4 different cities in a decade, I've lived in four different states in the past 3 years! I've got to stop moving! But probably not until I get back down there!