Sunday, March 1, 2009

written to the tunes of Guitar Hero

Jason and I haven't had a light in our refrigerator for longer than I can remember. I know with this fridge, we haven't had one for over a year. I don't think our nasty fridge before this one had one either. Friday we went to the store and got a light. For less than two dollars, we fixed our $75 refrigerator's light problem. Why did it take us this long? I have no idea. It is kind of silly. Now we are surprised every time we look in the fridge. I guess I had no idea that fridge lights were fairly standard things. I didn't know you could just pick one up at the grocery store.

Today I had to pay bills. I usually really hate having to do this, but I looked back at all of the bills I paid last month and found that we have cut a lot of stuff off of our monthly bills. Most of what I have to pay is our general living expenses. We canceled our DirecTV. I paid off two credit cards. We no longer have a motorcycle to pay insurance for. It is all pretty cool. For the first time in a long time I feel like we are doing okay. I thank God for Jason's job and I know that things can only get better.

I bought some clothes at Old Navy online today. I hope they are comfortable. I was so uncomfortable in all of my work pants last week that I just had to find something else. It is not like I am really all that big or anything, so I don't know what was up last week. I have been comfortable all weekend. I kind of dread having to go to work tomorrow and wearing uncomfortable pants.

We had snow today! It was really coming down during church. When we got out of church the parking lot was all slushy. I just wish it had kept going. By the time we got home there was hardly any in our yard. I am kind of hoping everything will freeze over tonight and we won't have school, but chances are slim to none. That won't stop me from checking first thing in the morning. :)

I think that is all. We have been so busy. By the end of the week we both just want to crash. It is tough on us to both be in school during the week. Luckily I will be done in July. I can't wait. I will be walking in December. My mom insists. I was contemplating not walking, because I didn't figure anyone cared. I was wrong. I mentioned something about it when I was at her house and she said that of course I would be walking. I wanted to, but I'm glad someone else wanted to see it. So much will have changed by then. I am looking forward to where our little family will be.

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  1. Your pants might be uncomfortable because you know... it happens.