Friday, June 10, 2011

June 2011 Ten on Ten plus one

Today I participated in Ten on Ten from A Bit of Sunshine. I took a picture an hour for ten hours. It was nice to take pictures just to take pictures, and I ended up with a neat snapshot of my day.
8 Good Morning Sunshine
9 Freshly Made Bed
10 Nap Time
11 Sunning
12 Lunch
1 At Play
2 Project3 Present
4 Hands on the Wheel
5 Party Time
*bonus: 6 Party Girl

ten on ten button small


  1. So much sweetness here - the polka dots, chubby little hands and feet and that adorable little birthday girl grin. Lovely job.

  2. That sandwich has my mouth watering!! And I love your blog name. Too funny!

  3. Love your set! I actually get bummed when I have to use the dryer and can't sun our diapers!