Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crazy Love Chapter Seven: Your best life ... later.

Chapter 6 focused on your love of Jesus. Chapter 7 asks some tough questions about your FAITH in Jesus.

A major theme throughout Crazy Love is this concept of a comfort zone. We all live within self-made walls that dictate what we are willing to do on any given day at any given moment. In the video Francis Chan asks the question again, "What are you doing that requires faith?" Let's put this in more visual terms, something that helps me grasp concepts.

I think we live our lives in our comfort zone almost 100% of the time. Imagine yourself in a wide open plain. (Are you imagining?)Here's a plain for visual reference:

In the middle of this plain, we are pretty much guaranteed to not have to make any "leaps of faith". Things are just fine here. I'm OK, you're OK. Go to work. Come home. Comfort zone. Out there on the edge of our comfort zone is a cliff. If you go far enough from the center of your plain you'll hit a spot where you can't go any further without faith that God will catch you. It's not comfortable there. It's scary. Just look at Harrison Ford. He's freakin out, man. Human nature leads away from discomfort. Like it or not, God is all about you living life on the edge, letting it all hang out, and taking some crazy leaps of faith. Is this opinion? Did I just cook this up? Francis Chan confronts this concept head on in Chapter 7 by asking some tough questions that lead to an interesting place: the edge of your comfort zone.

(rephrased from page 113)
Can you find fulfillment outside of God? What do non-Christians do to find fulfillment in life?

Can you please God without wholehearted surrender? Read Hebrews 11:5-7.

Will God catch you if you leap? Is it better out there on the edge?

Are you willing to trade some comfort to please God? Are you willing trade all of your comfort to please God? Are you willing to live without a plan or idea of what will happen tomorrow or next year?

What are some simple actions that require faith? (last paragraph on page 117)? Read Matthew Chapter 25, verses 31 through 46.

1. _______ the ___________.

2. Give __________ to ______________.

3. Look after the ________ and ______________.

Why do these things require faith? Why do they please God? Are they directly tied to our salvation?

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